Monday, May 30, 2011

what I'm listening to now....edition # 8

So these days I'm taking in these guys, I know it may seem a bit odd that I list who I listen to from time to time, but maybe somewhere in this list, something might piques someone's interest......

Andres Segovia
John Williams
Eric Johnson
Gangbe Brass Band
Victor LaFuente
John Frusciante
Jeff Beck
Lizz Wright
Louis Prima
Norah Jones
Michael Manring
Pat Metheny Group
Sandro Albert
Tri Lok Gurtu
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Steve Vai
Salif Keita
Madina N'diaye
Jean Louis
The Roots of Chica
Shakti with John Mclaughlin
Winifred Atwell
John Coltrane
The Mothers
John Scofield
Etta James
John Abercrombie
Femi Kuti
Eric Whitacre
Count Basie
Meshell Ndegeocello
Billie Holiday

Sunday, May 8, 2011

So when the music is coming, the best thing is to go with the flow.

I've been in a creative mood these last few months. Been recording a few pieces for my own catalogue.

I just put everything down as soon as it came to me and then I went back a few months later and edited, then mixed them all. I like working that way. Just get it all out, then tweak later.

I'm also working on a score for an upcoming documentary that will be aired here in Trinidad in September....

So I guess the main thing is when ideas come to you, put it down on paper and audio media asap, cause you never know when you might forget an idea, and you never can tell what might come out of a few random chords or a melody line.

A few songs that I'm putting up now started off in my head with just me humming a melody that just came to me. After that, I had to scramble to hook up my gear and record it IMMEDIATELY.

It was a rather spontaneous process. Had no idea what would happen next after I pressed the record button. But here we are.

Hope you like the songs

Check out 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poison people

I don't mean to be dissing anyone outright in this post, but this needs mentioning.

There are some people in your life, that no matter what you say or do, they always have a negative comment to make.

There are people who thrive on confusion, on gossip, on being 'bad-mind', on having wicked ways.

These people have nothing worthwhile to contribute to anything, but can always tell you where 'you' have fallen short. They themselves have never done anything wrong.

Many of these people inhabit various groups (church for example), and while I'm not singling out anyone in particular here, I think it's important to realize that these 'drainers', these poisonous folk seek out such groups and affiliations for one thing - A forum for their malice.

They're interested in furthering their ego at all costs.

One must feel sorry for this type of person, whose internal poison has them so warped that they feel the terrible need to inflict other people with their bad vibe. And bad vibes do rub off, that's a fact. Someone has a bad vibe around you, it can sour a whole gathering.

So what's the solution? Armour up! Before encountering such a person, put on your personal mental shield, and be ready for anything. Don't listen to a thing they say, stand your mental ground and shake off all negative comments as quickly as possible.

It will do you no good if you allow that person's venom to torture your peace of mind.

Stand firm and peaceful and leave the poison within that person, give it back to them if they give it you, not with the same malice they have, but rather peacefully and with humility. In all honesty that person needs help and prayers, but will more than likely stay stuck there in their mental prison, thinking that everyone else has done them wrong, and that they have a right to be nasty if need be.

Truth is, no one has a right be mean and wicked, no one has the right to inflict someone else with their mental acid. But the sad fact is, many people are mental drainers, many people love to pass their trouble around, like a virus. And they need us, they need normal, relatively happy folk in order to carry their problems, their lies, their malice.

And all we can do is pray for them, protect ourselves mentally and shake it off and move on.

It's the only way to keep our peace of mind. And that's the most valuable thing in this world.