Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My latest work

I haven't blogged in a while, reason being, I've been very busy musically and so without further ado.

May I present to you, my latest album - 'A Spanner in the works'.

You can have a listen here.

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I've been working really hard on finishing this album, it's a culmination of five years of recording and 'stockpiling' for want of a better word, ideas I had for a long while. Some songs are older than that, like 'The Battle Within' is an old Brothers Grimm song, one of the first ones I ever wrote, back in 1992.

'The Illusion of a dream' is a solo acoustic song that I wrote back in 1996, it's being performed in a band format for the first time on this record , so it's good to go back to old material sometimes and see what kind of new feel can be given to it.

It always amazes me how a song takes on a life of its' own. My music can be a bit quirky and unusual at times, but it's totally me and how I write. I guess every musician/singer/songwriter/composer has their own unique way of doing things and it comes out in the songs themselves.

You may hear an influence or two in my songs, and I guess no man (or musician) is an island, we are all a product of our listening environment.

So, my dear friend and listener, I do hope you will like my new album and that would sing up for my mailing list to get all the latest news from me.

Till then, happy listening.