Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Official Website and Online Store

So, this last two weeks I've been going to bed rather late tweaking html code and I don't know a thing about HTML.

I bought my own domain name and registered a website. Here's the link.

I also put my first solo acoustic CD - 'Side A: Journey Within' online for sale. Here's that link.

I hope you'll check out both pages and give my album a try.


What a surprise...I'm going on tour for summer 2012

Life is truly amazing sometimes. I had gotten used to the idea that I wasn't going anywhere this summer. I was gonna keep myself put in Trinidad, close off my guitar classes and practice guitar like there was no tomorrow.

I even wrote out a schedule and was sticking to it (most days).

Ok, so this is not the most exciting of summer plans BUT it was my plan at least.

So, there I was, minding my own business when I got a call on monday night from Kobo Town's leader - Drew Gonsalves. He asked me what was my summer plans and I told him. He then asked me if I wanted to come on tour with the guys for a brief stint in Europe and Canada.

I jumped at the chance.

Any chance to be on tour really. That's every musicians' dream - to hit the road and play music. Now the road isn't exactly a warm, comfy place but it is an experience to behold. And there's a certain freedom to being on the road.

So in the space of one week, my plans have gone from staying home to travelling halfway across the globe to play at various outdoor music festivals in Europe.

What a week!

I can't wait to hop on that plane taking me to meet my bandmates and play music again.

For updates on my touring schedule click here

See you guys on the road...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Soo...what have I been up to...musically

So, it has been a while yes....since I lasted posted here.

What an interesting year. I haven't gigged out much, but the year started off with putting my power trio - SONic REVIVal PROJect on hiatus while I focused on classical guitar studies, I also used the 'break' just to clear my head on my musical direction.

Then I did a gig around Carnival Season backing up Calypsonian Black Stalin and Soca Legend Ronnie McIntosh at a fete (something I've never done before, talk about a different headspace). Not too sure if I could be a 'sideman'. I gotta like the music that I play, and I realize I prefer to create rather than just be a sideman.

I got asked to join two bands - one an original World Beat/Kaiso band. I accepted the offer, then left after a month. I had way too much composing work for various clients to do. And that's something I really like doing, composing, as much as I liked the guys in the band, it was not my music.

The other band was a pop-rock cover band. I never followed up with them. I really can't see myself playing rock covers.

I got hired to back a classical singer while he puts on a tribute show to Andrea Bocelli in a few weeks. Not totally my thing, but the challenge with sight-reading the pieces was what made me accept the offer. Again, it's not something I would do for a living, especially here in Trinidad. Truth be told, I'm not too sure if anyone makes money from gigging here.

Around September last year I started putting all my music up on bandcamp and last month I released my first solo album - Side A: Journey Within' for sale. Now that's something I've never done before.

So here's that link to my online store.

And this month I bought a domain name and started building my own website to house all my musical endeavours. And believe you me, this is a first for me.

Oh sure, I had my own website a few years ago, but it was just for my solo music. This new site with have EVERTHING I've ever recorded and published, all the bands I've ever formed and my solo music, some songs are a bit, umm.....strange but every composer/musician has their own quirks.

It's strange having my own site, because I previously thought my solo acoustic stuff (which was really a sideline project I undertook whenever playing in a band frustrated me) was separate from any band project I was involved.

Lately, I've come to accept them both as two sides of me and each deserve equal attention.

So here goes everything.

When my lil site is up and running I will link the site.

Thanks for reading and listening