Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A New day in Trinidad

Most of us here in Trinidad watched our TVs last night at first with anxiety,then hope and finally jubilation as we voted a new government in office yesterday. Not only did we vote a new government, but we also voted in, for the first time in our small, twin-island republic's history, a female Prime Minister.

This is a huge step for our country.

It seems as if we all collectively took a responsible step in finally taking care of our land, rather than deciding on tribal politics motivated by race. Rather than letting a government get away with EVERYTHING. And this last regime got away with everything and the kitchen sink. Rather than letting that sort of cowardly nonsense continue, we stood up and changed things.

Now this new regime of the People's Partnership, led by Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar has a tough job ahead of them. Our land is in dire need of healing and transformation, so that ALL citizens can prosper. There's no reason for poverty, sickness and crime on this beautiful twin-isle republic. Absolutely no reason whatsoever.

So we, the citizens have to encourage them to do their best for the country and we have to hold them accountable to us. We voted them in, they are responsible to us. We have to take an active role in our country. This is our land, not the government's. All resources are owned by the people. The government is just a steward, doing what is best for its' citizens.

So now, we begin a new era of hope and prosperity for all in Trinidad & Tobago. And it's up to ALL of us to ensure that we make our country a better place, for all generations to come.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Always a terrible thing to judge

Last week, in an escalated incident that almost turned nasty for myself and my friends, I judged a group of people harshly and openly. Naturally they reacted to what I said, they were well within their rights. Things could've turned out really badly looking back on everything.

But amazingly we were able to patch things up with these strangers. I guess we were trying to be as civilized as possible, maybe we were just being adults. Maybe we were human after all.

I am glad how things eventually turned out, but the whole ordeal could've been avoided if things were said less harshly on my part. So my promise to myself and others - not to judge without taking in all the facts. Not to talk down to anyone but rather to state my position humbly and calmly, with room for disagreement. And always be willing and ready to make amends. Because we are all human and subject to mistakes. And we all have our opinion.

It is always a terrible thing to judge one another.