Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The new way of thinking vs. the old brain

You know, when you start doing things differently, it takes a while to get the hang of the new version. The new version has to do battle with the old version in a sense.

This applies to EVERYTHING in your life.

Maybe it was something that you never thought you could do, something you never thought possible.

However, when such a grand, auspicious, life-changing, miraculous event occurs the first thing that happens is that you sort of stand back and look at yourself in awe. You're beside yourself and are observing your life in shock. Almost as if to say to yourself, 'Oh my God! I'm doing this! yes! wow! It's happening to me! 'Lil old me! I'm doing it!'

And then just as you're getting the hang of it, your brain messes you up, it tells you 'No, no, no, you're not ready to get to this stage, get back to where you were before. RETREAT! Are you crazy? What were you thinking?'

Thus, while you're in the middle of this new phase-shift, you STOP.

You stop in mid-sentence, you stop in the middle of the sight-reading section (music exams here), you stop in the middle of the football game. And you make a fine mess of what you were doing, which was getting busy going with the flow, until your 'brain' got in the way.

Now you have to do damage control for the mess that your brain just created.

If you could just get your brain to not START.STOP.FREAK OUT.PAUSE, then life would just be peachy. If the brain could just shut off for a minute and let the limbs do the thinking, then all would end well.

But no, alas, the brain makes its' own rules and will not listen to you, after all, you're not in charge of your brain. Are you?

Learning to shut off my brain when my limbs are pushing the envelope will be my next big challenge.

But for now, the old brain is having its' way.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's funny how one thing leads to something else and there we are down memory lane

So as you can see from my last few posts, I put up a few choral videos of hymns sung by the Choir of Westminster Abbey and King's College, Cambridge. I went on YouTube to find one thing and ended up in a posting mode. Which is not really blogging, I know.

For some strange reason, I cannot listen to those songs without getting severely choked up. Maybe it's the lyrics, maybe it's how the melody lines intertwine with the haunting organ.

The composers of this great music surely had a gift from God to create such masterpieces.

I have a vivid memory of being in Grandmother's room where she had a 'stereogram' that used to play hymns on a sunday evening. I would go in her room, pull out the threads from the fabric of her 'player' (much to her dismay) and eventually listen to some of the hymns.

I never really understood them, or why she listened to those songs, but now I do. They're captivating - great pieces of music with wonderful lyrics.

Gran, I hope they're playing your favorite hymns everyday in heaven. Thanks for exposing me to this great music.

 Love always, your family here on earth.

Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven :: Choir of Westminster Abbey

My Song Is Love Unknown - King's College, Cambridge

Ubi Caritas

Don't believe what people say about you

I read that saying somewhere. Can't exactly remember where, but it makes sense. I mean, after all, why should someone be allowed to tell you 'untruths' about yourself?

If it's anyone who knows 'you' the best; it's got to be YOU! Sure, friends and family can help us get over some 'flaws' in ourselves so that we can become better people, but there's a huge difference in trying to help someone and say something hurtful just for malice. Then the intention is not to help, but harm.

And let's add to that list strangers and co-workers. Everyone has their own opinion on certain aspects of 'your' character.

Now that's all fine and dandy because people are people and everyone IS entitled to an opinion.

And again, if it's to help you, then great, because we all have flaws that need fixing, but if it is belittle you so that the other person can feel better about themselves, then the best thing we can do is just ignore what was said and go along our merry way. Especially if what we're doing is not harming anyone INCLUDING ourselves, then carry on I say!

If we took on everything everyone said, we'd never get anything done.