Monday, August 31, 2009

Can we be truly Independent here in Trinidad & Tobago?

Today is our 47th Anniversary as an independent nation. We're independent on paper, but in reality we are still a plantation economy. We are owned by multinational corporations, by the almighty oil dollar and by the banks. We are a slave to what they want. Our government is a slave, a puppet, a joke.

I'm grateful to live on a supposedly independent island, where I can do relatively within safe reason, what I want. But we are far from independent.

We were bought and sold by the corporate man, who fooled those who wanted to be rich, enslaved others and made the majority bitter that they didn't have what he has. We all want to be rich, now we fight for the useless scraps that are left. But why can't we be independent from the North American philosophy?

Why can't we enrich our people so we become self-sufficient? We have such a great country and we're pissing it away. I blame our government for just kissing the asses of the North and for not teaching and leading us in being really independent and more importantly Inter-dependent on each other here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Happy Independence my country. May we renew our oath to our home and make here a better place.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


In light of all the tragic accidents that happened last weekend on our roads and in our waters here in Trinidad & Tobago, I just have one question: Will those people who committed these acts of known negligence be prosecuted by the law? They should be, to the fullest extent.

And if not, then why? They should be held accountable for what they did, whether or not they were fully aware of what was happening at the time, their actions have left five people dead and two seriously injured.

I know the circumstances surrounded each case is different, but one thing is certain in both instances. Neither the driver of the truck nor the boat should've been doing what they did. They should've been prevented from getting behind the wheel.

So now, in light of all this tragedy, I want to know will they be held accountable? They should be.

We all need to be more aware and courteous to our neighbours around us, because by our actions/inactions we may cause serious harm to innocent bystanders.

We have way too many accidents on our roads and now we have it on our seas. We need to be more careful. We drive way too wrecklessly.

God help the families of those victims heal in time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not getting lost in Berlin

So I didn't get lost in Berlin. I wondered around a bit, things turned a bit different. In every situation there's three sides to every story, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The band played 3 great shows in Berlin and Nuremberg. I think playing in St. Katharina's bombed out church was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I only wished I had gotten better pictures to document this.

I only saw Germany for a few days and France for less than a week. I didn't get much sleep and that's the only way to see a new place - wide eyed, dazed and confused and in awe; like that of an innocent child. I walked, I swam, I drank and I had the time of my life.

We should always be open to seeing a new place as it is, just taking it all in; kinda like updating new files to our own hard drive of memory. I only hope now for more opportunities to avail themselves so I can visit Europe next year - preferably playing music along the way.

I pray for time to fly quickly.

I want to thank everyone - family and friends who put me up for 6 & 1/2 weeks while I travelled through Canada and Europe. It's strange to be without a permanent home for that length of time. I am grateful and humble for all the hospitality extended to me by all. I can never repay you.

I saw some amazing sights, experienced some cool things, some not so cool things and played some great music with my comrades. I am forever in-debt to God for giving me the grace to do this.

I am graciously trading in my back-pack for my own bed. I now plot my voyage home. It'll be good to be home.