Friday, November 18, 2011

Quotes from students

Every teacher has quotes from their students who take lessons from them - testimonials as they say.

I'd like to list a few dazzling comments that various students have told me as well as what they may have told each other over the last few years in class. Bear in mind that my students range in ages 8 - 16.

Are you scared? (Nicole, 6)
But I don't like to play that part like how it's written (Nia, 15)
I think Handel didn't know what he was doing with 'Joy to the World', it sounds wrong. (Darius, 8)
When were you stupid? (Nicole, 6 - in response to my reason for getting tattoos)
You have big hips (William, 10)
My mummy says it's good to ask questions (Nicole, 6)
Your name is too long, I'm changing it to Elliott (Andrew, 10)
You're younger than my mom, she's.....(various students when I tell them my age)
I don't practice (unfortunately, way too many students)
Guitar is hard! (again, many students)
Will you tune my guitar first? (St. Andrew's students who compete to be first in the guitar tuning line)
Who's your favorite student? (followed by) Who's your worst student (St. Andrew's kids)
What you mean you don't listen to radio? (Students from Bishops Anstey)
Coach! Miss! I mean Uncle! (St. Andrew's kids)
I need a pick NOW (Nicole, 6)
You suck! (Noah to Andre @ Fatima College)
Hey! it's the Box man (Noah to Daniel who carries his guitar in a box - Fatima College)
I don't understand, I don't remember (the wayward students who don't practice)
Can I lie down in your coffin? (Karl, 10 - he was convinced my guitar case was a coffin)
Did you get a new tattoo? Did you always have that earring? (Samantha & Sabrina, 14)
Why can't we sit on the comfy couch? (Ryan & Cain, 10; James, 14)
Does this water have laughing gas? (Ryan & William, 10)
Hi Frank! (William, Jacob & Luke, 10)
Hey Mellonhead! (Adam to Ulric @ Maple Leaf)
I'll give you a dollar for me not to play chords (Adam, 14)
And now here's this week's famous quote according to Malcolm (Malcolm, 14)
My fingers hurt (almost everybody)
I hate bar chords (almost everybody)
how is that sounding? (students who are interested in improving)
How long till I get good? (EVERYBODY)
What? Play what? (everybody!)

And so the list goes on, what fun I have on a daily basis!

Music listening in meh eardrums #11

These days I'm going ole skool....

The Cult
Def Leppard
Jimi Hendrix
Judas Priest
King Crimson
King's X
Led Zepplin
The Smiths
Van Halen
Van Morrison
The Who