Sunday, December 20, 2009

Consume less and share more

We live in a materialistic world....we're a people that unfortunately have to consume a number of goods & services in order to survive and exist, we're consumers....

Now why is it from since our childhood days, we've been brainwashed into thinking that buying more toys, or at least convincing our parents to buy more toys for us, will make us happier and the most popular kid on the block?

Why is everything about consumption of goods?

Why this chronic need to buy more, always more. It's a hunger that is never satisfied. Some people can control it, others let it control themselves. Some people hoard what they have and deprive others from having it. Why? because there's not enough to go around, at least not enough so that few people can stay filthy rich.

What's 'it'? - goods and services, material wealth, a decent standard of living?

So we consume. We feed the machine. We're brainwashed to consume by companies, the media, ad agencies, the government.

Advertisements fill our brain with one thing - BUY! Because when we buy, the economy turns.

Now why are advertisements aimed at one thing: Making us consume more? Why can't we have more ads that teach us to conserve, use wisely, repair if broken, do not upgrade, use to last drop and spend only if necessary.

Why can't we be taught to give more to charity, preserve our earth, use less of our limited resources, turn off unused lights, power bars, cell phones. Why can't we car pool? why can't we all install gas converters in our cars so we can use cooking oil instead of diesel? Why can't we all eat less meat.

Why can't our respective governments sign a deal that would save our planet, why was Copenhagen a shame, why was it such a betrayal of the people of this world? Because of greed. Because the simple fact is: it would take more to fix the problem than it would to just have everyone keep on consuming; as the rulers of this world would have us consume, to fatten their pockets.

And shame, shame, shame on the rulers and governments who attended that meeting, shame on them for failing to pass anything of value that would save our planet, because if the environment was a bank, it would've been save a long time ago (to borrow a slogan said at that summit).

Why can't we just consume less and share more with our brothers and sisters around us.

Our world is dying and those killing it have names and addresses....

We can all do our part, seeing as our elected leaders have failed us....consume less and save our dying world.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What can get accomplished on any given day

It's amazing what can accomplished in a day, any given day. We can either do something really productive or waste the entire day.

Nothing is wrong per se with lazing around once in a while, but when that is the norm, well then, thats just wrong. Life is meant to be lived on the frontlines, not sitting on the fence watching events go by. If we do that, then we're just a spectator, giving unnecessary comments on opinions on things that may not concern us.

I'm no expect on how to live but a day well spent is a great day, one that may never be repeated so better make the best of it while the day is young.

There's no better time to do anything, than right now.

Carpe Diem!