Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forwarding emails - the road to hell is paved with...

I often wondered what that statement meant. I always thought it meant that sometimes with the best of intentions we do something only to realize it caused more harm that good.

I am in the midst of this harmful outcome, albeit on a small scale. After sending a number of email Fwds to 'friends', I am at the receiving end of a few rebuttals from those same friends for sending wrong information.

The manner in which the rebuke took place was embarrassing to say the least, seeing as everyone who was on the email chain was also informed of my mistake, and my only hope is to never be so arrogant to people whom I consider friends. The information in the email was wrong, that I admit. But to be admonished like that, was also wrong.

A genuine friend is rare indeed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three types of trinis

There's three types of Trinidadians:

1)Those who have no problem with the way the country is going, who have a plaster for every sore. Those who have no problem with rising crime, soaring inflation, continued unemployment, corrupt politicians, hooligan drivers. Those who have no problem with the HIV/AIDS problem in TNT. Those who don't see it as a problem that most marriages end with one or both partners being unfaithful. Those who don't have a problem with 3 Smelter plants going up in La Brea. Those who for want of a better word are clueless.

2) Those who used to live here and have moved away, be it North America, Canada, England, Europe or Australia. In some cases only for a few years, in other cases for decades. These trinis return home from time to time and state openly that they could never live here again - 'This place is too backward' they say. Their accent is now a foreign 'fresh water' one. 

If they want to forget their heritage that's fine with me.

My only question to them is 'Wasn't it always this way when you lived here? And if not did your leaving make it so - a backward country?' Didn't you grow up in this land that we all called home. And yes it has changed. But one should never criticise where one comes from, for be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. And no matter how long you live away, you will always be an immigrant to that land.

3) Trini # 3 is accepting the reality of life here, living with it on a daily basis and is trying his/her best to live through it/with it and adapt accordingly while still fighting the good fight of decency and brotherly love. It is not an easy battle. But Trini # 3 is certainly much more aware of things than Trini #1 & 2 ever will be. Trini #3 holds onto the memory of a beautiful Trinidad from years gone and believes that with hard work, an honest heart, faith and love that this land may one day return to being a paradise.

There is still no place like home