Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dream the dream, even if the actors change

The hardest thing in life is to follow a dream. Some folks don't have any dreams at all. Others don't know where to start. Most are too afraid to fail or succeed or even worse both. The few that stick with it inherit a double-edged sword to live by. On one hand, if you don't do anything with the dream, it rots inside, eating you away. Bitterness consumes you and the excuses made are the lies you feed the public to keep their questions at bay. However, the other option is an unmapped road figured out solely on your own, stumbling through the dark with a faulty torchlight at best.

And where do you start? From whom do you seek advice? How to separate the genuine help from the snakes and sharks?

All these questions with no correct answer.

There is no true and tried foolproof method. It's got to be made up as you go along. The only way to fulfill your dream is to simply do. Nothing else to it. Find a way to make it work. It doesn't matter if you make a substantial living via your dream. Who cares if you're not known by thousands of people for your work. The only thing that matters is that you continue to live your dream. Living the dream is the end in itself. Because no matter where you are in your pursuit, at least you're still trying to bring your dream to life. And that dream is you. You were born for one purpose - to become your dream. Nothing else. Don't just fantasize about having this dream. Give birth to your dream. Don't put it off for another day. Begin now.

That's why it hurts so much to watch it die. So don't kill your dream. Not even for the sake of stability. That word technically doesn't exist in the working world. It's just an illusion. People with stable jobs get fired all the time. So don't get stuck in the stability trap.

All you need is one thing – a willingness to try everything that might help further the dream. That's all. Be open to your dream. It will speak to you.

Your dream is alive, didn't you know?

Sometimes the stone you might consider throwing away may very well be your solid foundation to stand on. Open up that head of yours and accept whatever might come your way. Try something new everyday that will help grow your cause.

Keep it simple.

You can, if you like put your dream on hold for a lil bit, but please pick it back up. Your happiness depends on it.

Don't expect to travel the same path with your peers. They will have their own agendas and a time will come when you will part way with family, friends and partners. That's ok. It's all part of this journey. The actors and the scenes, even the geography may change, but your dream stays the same. It is your dream after all, not theirs.

Start small, don't jump headfirst, baby steps. Your dream may never be more than a hobby, or it could become a full-time career. It maybe seasonal. Whatever the particulars are, make it work for you.

Be happy with your dream.

And when the time comes to take flight with your dream, pack your bags but do pack light. You'll travel faster.