Friday, February 7, 2014

What divorced parents don't know

My parents are still married, 43 years later. They've had some rough times, and they've had some laughs along the way, but they're still together. So that's one thing I am grateful for - married parents.

Today is their anniversary and as my sister and I wished them 'Happy Anniversary', they both said the same thing 'Today's our Anniversary?' It was the joke for the evening.

Many married couples don't last and I can understand why. It's hell really. It's hard work, all the time.

And very shortly, after I made my choice to teach guitar I became painfully aware of what some of my students have to endure in the lives, as young as they are, with their family life.

Yesterday at one of the schools I teach, one of my students, a nine-year-old started telling me how his parents got divorced earlier in the week and how he is stuck in the middle of this battle with his parents telling him secrets about each other. He almost cried and I did a horrible attempt of trying to change the subject and console him.

I should've done a better job of being there for him, but I had no idea what to say, other than 'it'll be okay in time'. How silly did that sound? What the hell does that mean? He probably felt so lost and asked for my advice and I just tried to console him as quick as I could.

Not because I didn't want to be bothered, but I really and truly, had no idea what to say to him.

I had no idea.

I can relate to why parents would want to split, but they must realize one thing - it is a terrible experience and feeling for their children.

Parents - your children want you to stay together, no matter what.

Please parents, do what's best for your children.