Monday, August 16, 2010

Filling the void in one's soul with love or fear

I've been thinking that maybe we all have a void in our lives that needs to be filled. Maybe we are all meant to do something great, maybe we are all meant to love, and I don't just mean romantically, I mean love one another, as God loves us.

Faith, Hope and Love are the greatest gifts that we humans can possess, and of those three the greatest is love.

So, I've been thinking, if we're all built to love, then could it be that some people don't know how to love properly, or even worse, have replaced love with something else? In the absence of love, could something else grow. e.g, fear, hatred, lust, anger, bitterness and envy? I think it could happen. Because we see so many people wondering around like a lost soul - angry and bitter.

And we ask, where is the love? (thank you Black Eyed Peas)

We're all meant to love, but love is a gift and any gift must be cherished and nurtured. I once read somewhere that if you harbor bitterness, happiness docks somewhere else.

If we don't love then we fear instead. Fear produces every negative emotion we know, fear stifles and suffocates our lives, it straps us in mentally and keeps us from living our lives truly free, as God intended us to be - free.

Love, true love, not the media version of love is the ONLY thing that can save our souls from perishing. Love is the only healing agent, the only cleanser that makes everything alright.

That line from Moulin Rouge has been stuck in my head for years now - 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.'

What am I listening to

Sooo...nowadays I'm digging up these guys:

Crown City Rockers (Earthtones)
DJ Krush (Zen)
The Roots (various albums...)
Q-Tip (Amplified & Renaissance)
Tears for Fears (Elemental)
Primus (Miscellaneous Debris)
Death Cab for Cutie (Plans)

Look out for the next installment soon-ish!!!