Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life is fragile

A few weeks ago my dad fell off his bed at 2AM one Saturday morning and blacked out, at least that's what we believe happened. When we attempted to wake him, we noticed blood on the floor, he had cut above his eyebrow, and even though for his age - 79, his skin is rather tender in some areas, we had no idea he would bleed that much. What scared us even more was that he had no clue where he was, how he got there and what time it was.

We took him immediately to the hospital and didn't reach back home until close to 5AM. Nothing was terribly wrong with him, but he was bruised above the eye, in fact he had quite the black eye after the doctor finished squeezing all excess blood out of his cut. Later that weekend, a CT scan was done revealing a small hematoma on the brain, but we were given instructions on what to watch out for, and so far everything seems to be okay with my dad. But that first week was a bit more that nerve-wrecking.

It sure does make you realize how life can change in an instant and nothing ever really is permanent. Only change itself is the only constant. And maybe we are all fooling ourselves into thinking we have a handle on everything, because when emergencies happen, no one is truly totally prepared.

I've been thinking since that incident, no matter how great we may think we are, and no matter how fit we may be in our younger years, no matter what our accomplishments are; when our time comes to get down in age and succumb to the humility of getting older, nothing can prevent that. And no matter what we have and who we are, we will all be affected at some time or another by illness.

If that doesn't give us a reality check, I don't know what will.

Thanks God, for healing my dad.

Cursed Diamond - The Black Crowes