Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On my ipod #13

So I have one of those original iPOD Nanos....holds just 2 gig, but I make all these various playlists so I totally dig it....

These days I'm in a reggae/world beat mood, so here's what's on.....

Asian Dub Foundation
Burning Spear
Black Uhuru
I Jahman Levi
Midnite - Natural Vibes Collaboration
Oliver Mtukudzi
Ali Farka Toure
Toubab Krewe
Sangeeta Shankar
Ustad Shahid Parvez
V. Srinivas
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

More music again on bandcamp

So I put up another instrumental album again on

Check it out when you can. It's mainly music that could be the basis of a soundtrack for film/TV

Look out for another release next month.



Health is your wealth

Talk about a shock, one of my dad's brothers got a stroke a few weeks ago.

Here was a man, who was slim and trim, walked/ran whenever he could. His diet though, left a lot to be desired, he ate mainly the same thing for dinner almost every night and maybe that was his downfall.

That and maybe his attitude towards certain things in life. He always had a heated opinion on some topic.

I don't know, it's hard to say, and I'm not passing judgement on him, but the fact is my dad's younger brother - 74 years of age got a major blood clot stroke a few weeks ago and to date he hasn't regained his speech.

Who would've thought? He doesn't look his age, and by all accounts he was fit as a fiddle.

The family has been thrown into a bit of a confusion state, which I guess is 'normal' whenever there's a family illness/crisis.

All I can think is your health is really your wealth. And you never really know how long we have here, so make the moments count.

Lord, please heal uncle Max that he recovers soon.