Monday, February 23, 2009


Sometimes, in the middle of life, with no warning...I'll find myself just wanting to get away from people. Today was such a day, in the midst of Carnival celebrations in Trinidad, with thousands of people around me, all I wanted to be was home, taking a nap and playing guitar.

I was playing pan on a truck with Silver Stars, we were on a high - having just won Panorama on Saturday nite (Large Band category), and it just started happening; my mood changed from excitement to one of isolation. It happened for a number of reasons. Maybe it's just me, but it's weird to see people having a good time, and while a vagrant rumbled through open bags of garbage the revellers just moved around him. I know thats life generally, we all do it - we avoid the things around us that we have no time for, but today in the midst of 'celebrations'; I felt like a hypocrite and inhuman.

I guess it's hard to dictate when a mood will arise, but not impossible to decide what to do with that said mood.

God help us all to be better people
I need sleep