Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving the benefit of the doubt

I've come to realize that I give people way too much benefit of the doubt, and in most cases nowadays, you give anyone an inch and they take almost five football fields in length.

Time to stop giving the wrong people chances and give my own self a chance, time to start giving me the benefit of the doubt, and forgiving myself a lil more.

If we all forgave ourselves and tried to do things better after we sorted ourselves out; I think this world would be a much more honest, loving and caring place. Because we would be honest with ourselves and compassionate to one another as a result of this honesty.

Being honest doesn't mean being harsh or unnecessarily cruel, but acknowledging everything, both good and bad and sorting things out for the better. At least, that's my definition of honesty. From being honest with ourselves,we gain more understanding and insight into our lives and thus, the lives of those around us. From understanding we derive compassion.

Compassion and understanding are two things we could never have enough of in this life.

Time to listen to less opinions and more gut feelings. Time to be honest and compassionate.

Time to live less and doubt more I think.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


In everything in life, I have to remember to be always grateful. It's easy to forget what I have and how lucky and blessed I am. I have to remind myself that whenever things look bad, it could always be worse. It could always be so much worse.

So many things I have no control over, and the hardest thing to do is to be humble and grateful even when situations are not pleasant.

So the trick is, when things are bad, be patient, pray and be humble. When things get better, be grateful and thank God. Because nothing is owed to me in this life, and everything is a gift that I am grateful for receiving.

Thank you God.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Right and wrong and knowing the difference

There's something I don't get. Why are so many people in this world, in this little country of ours, hell-bent on doing the wrong thing. Maybe 'hell' is the key word.

Whether it be giving someone a 'bad-drive', cussing someone, assaulting, breaking and entering, theft, kidnapping, and all the other heinous crimes that exist in society today; there's one thing I don't get.

The perpetrators of all these acts don't seem to know what they're doing is wrong. Or, even if they did know that it was terribly wrong, they don't care that it affects everyone negatively.

Regardless of the act, the blatant lawlessness and wickedness of these acts take a great deal of planning and preparation. So you mean to say, so many people plan to do criminal acts? Can't they stop for a minute and see what they're doing is wrong on so many levels. Shame on them, shame, shame on their parents for not doing a good job of raising their children - now criminals.

I just can't conceive how someone can plot to do evil, or how someone can think that living a lawless lifestyle is a good thing. All who think like this obviously don't have a conscious and certainly don't believe in a hell, or an afterlife and judgement day.

I don't mean to be sounding over-religious here, but surely we don't think that this life is all there is? Surely not.

It could be as simple as throwing litter out your car window, it could be stepping (out of turn) in front of a line at a fast food counter, harassing women as they pass-by, the creating and selling of pornography, whatever it is, it's ALL wrong.

All of it. We're creating an absolute lawless country. And we are to blame. Shame on us all.

I just have one question to all the criminals: Would it hurt you to plan to do good for someone, a stranger possible and maybe even your family and by extension, this country of yours? Something good that would result in more positive happenings and perhaps a change for the better in all our mindsets? I'm just in shock that people, rather than thinking of doing good, think to do wrong. Why? Is it that you get a kick out of it? Is it that you see nothing wrong with it?

If so, then God have mercy on your soul.